Altitude Stud Earrings


Handmade in Albuquerque, Claire of Cindre aims to create jewelry for every body regardless of gender identity. Her pieces fit with almost any style.

The Altitude Stud comes in two variations, Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil. The Sterling Silver stud is a handmade tiny sterling hoop that hangs from a slice of sterling tubing. The Vermiel variation is the same design, but made from Sterling Silver plated in a thick layer of Gold Vermeil. There is lots of movement, for such a tiny earring! This pairs well with the altitude ring.

Vermeil Variation: Gold Vermeil is the thickest type of gold plating, and consists of 24k Gold over solid Sterling Silver. All of my Vermeil pieces are handcrafted in the exact same meticulous way as my sterling work. In fact, they are the very same pieces just dipped in a gold plating solution as the final finishing step. Vermeil should be cared for in the same way as Sterling Silver - if it ever needs a cleaning, gentle soapy water and a soft cloth is the best method. Vermeil does not tarnish like Sterling Silver, and will only ever slightly darken with exposure to the elements. You will received a polishing cloth with your order to maintain that golden shine!

3/8" L x 3/8" W