Merry Jane's the CBD Book


Merry Jane's The CBD Solution: Wellness is an authoritative guide to using cannabis to improve wellness. This book reveals how CBD affects mood and can be used generally in health routines: in bath oils, balms, tinctures, and more.

• Explains how cannabis, CBD, and other plants can change your everyday
• Helps relieve everything from headaches and achy joints to stress and anxiety
• Features dozens of illustrations and striking photography

The book features an authoritative breakdown of CBD research—the history, the science, the politics, uses, forms, and effects—as well as answers to common questions and myths.

Perfect for:

  • anyone curious about incorporating CBD into their life, or those looking to learn more about CBD and its health benefits.
  • those who enjoy using CBD or are curious about learning more, marijuana smokers, and anyone interested in wellness and enhancing their health routines

Hardcover, 208 pages.