Turquoise and Copper Incense Burner


Corner fireplaces are commonly found in many adobe homes, including those around New Mexico. Once used to help heat the house they are now enjoyed for their aesthetic. Enjoy your own miniature fireplace with a classic Piñon scent, and recreate the feel in your own home.

Set includes one Southwest Style Corner Fireplace and 40 Count Box of Piñon Incense

GREAT GIFT: The gift unusual, great for Amigos, The Gracious Hostess, The Sportsman, and The Shut-Ins. Gift this unique burner to your friends and family members for Birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion bringing your loved ones the All Natural fragrances of the West

SAFE BURNING: These enclosed burners are made of GYPSUM CEMENT that keeps the heat and ash contained for a safe and clean burn. Once the incense brick burns completely, discard and light another for your enjoyment