Greasewood Pure Desert Perfume Oil


These little oil based roll-ons are a combination of our single plant macerations and distillations, bringing you the essence of sagebrush, piñon resin and greasewood (aka creosote bush).

Available in a 5 ml roll-on glass bottle.

The smell of rain on desert dirt. Pink lightning, hot summer sky, thunder-heads bigger than the mountains. Endless miles of greasewood open their leathery leaves to drink the rain. And the desert breathes out a perfume of petrichor and joy.

Made in Albuquerque, NM with no synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients ever.

Note on greasewood: This is not the greasewood blend - the perfume used in the Dryland Wilds larger roller, hand balm and desert spray. That desert perfume has at least 15 other plants in it, along with greasewood.

The new pure roller is JUST greasewood.

To clarify for anyone trying pure greasewood for the first time, people either love the perfume of this plant or they hate it, depending on whether they are familiar with the landscape where it grows. While the greasewood blend appeals to a wider audience, the acquired scent of pure greasewood still proves highly delectable... to some!