Wolf Walker Bundles


For the home & heart, cleansing & fresh. Ethically bundled by indigenous people in Taos NM from herbs grown and harvested in Taos.


To burn the sage stick:

  • Cut the thread at the top and spread the leaf.
  • Hold upside down and lite with a match. 
  • Blow out the flame and spread the smoke over the person or object that is to be purified.


About the bundles:

White sage (Salvia apiana) is harvested in California and has been used for the smudging ceremony for centuries by the native americans from this region. It has a sweeter smell than the desert or grey sage from the southwest and tends to burn easier.

Three Sisters smudge stick is a combination of the 3 most important smudging herbs...sage, cedar, & sweetgrass. It looks and smells wonderful!  Purification and blessings in one smoke.

Sage and Lavender smudge stick is made from Taos, NM desert sage and Oregon lavender

Variety Pack contains 4 inch sticks of desert sage, white sage, & cedar. The variety pack gives you an opportunity to use 2 types of sage. They are both used for purification with the white sage coming from California and the desert sage coming from New Mexico. The cedar comes from northern California and is used for blessing and bringing sweetness into the ceremony.

Palo Santo Sticks come from a tree that inhabits a part of the Gran Chaco area in South America, around the Argentina-Bolivia-Paraguay border. From its wood, also, a type of oil known as oil of guaiac (or guayacol) is produced, to be used as an ingredient for perfumes. Palo santo is appreciated for the skin-healing properties of its essence and also because it provides good charcoal and a high-quality timber. It ignites easily despite being so dense and produces a fragrant smoke. Natives of the Chaco region employ the bark to treat stomach problems. Small pieces of the wood are also used as a form of natural incense in spiritual rituals.