Espiritus del Ande Incense


Handcrafted near Cusco, Peru on a small farm committed to community development and Quechua traditions. Offers natural mortared Palo Santo wood, wiracoya shrub in 3 blends:

Pine - Pine is essential for improved memory, clarity, protection, and clarifying your space. A resin found in evergreen trees, pine is aromatic, cleansing & rejuvenating. 

Pure Palo Santo - Palo Santo has been used for thousands of years to promote spiritual & physical health.

Myrrh - A gift from the 3 wise men, myrrh has been used around the world for thousands of years to bring focus, lightness, and help open the heart. It has a wonderful aroma and energy.

Rosemary -  Rosemary is essential for balancing energy, good communication, and clarifying your space. 

Box of 6 bars

Burn on safe heat resistant surface.