Botanical Lip Balm


These botanical lip balms contain all organic oils, therapeutic grade essential oils and absolutes, sustainably sourced ingredients and hand-blended desert perfumes featuring wildcrafted macerations, distillations and enfleurage. 

Packaged in a .21 oz compostable push-up tube. 

Sweet Ponderosa Lip Balm 

Towering, fragrant ponderosa pines characterize New Mexico's high desert mountain landscape.  Their luscious resin and bark offer a sweet, buttery fragrance with notes of vanilla, butterscotch and bright, warm conifer.

Beebalm + Siberian Elm Lip Balm   

The delicious smoky mint of New Mexico’s mountain beebalm combines with soothing Siberian elm bark in a moisturizing lip balm, making good use of our invasive elms.  

Cottonwood Bud Lip Balm    

The sweet earthy smell of cottonwoods in the spring comes from the resin covering its buds known as “the balm of Gilead.” This lip balm pays homage to a traditional New Mexican skin salve with the same botanicals.

No synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients ever.