Crushed Hatch Chile Flakes


Introducing the newest pantry essential from Desert Provisions, who has partnered with farmers in New Mexico to offer that world-famous flavor of Hatch chiles, captured it in all their crushed, flaky goodness.

A few pinches of these hot Crushed Hatch Red Chile Flakes deliver that robust, smooth floral heat that gradually builds on the palate, but never scorches. These aren’t any ordinary pepper flakes found on the table at your local pizza joint. Crushed Hatch Red Chile Flakes offer a fruity punch to any dish.

A few pinches of these Crushed Hatch Green Chile Flakes deliver a savory, earthy heat that will make you want to kick your boring and stale packets of crushed chile flakes to the side. Crushed Hatch Green Chile Flakes offer a piquant punch of color and flavor to any dish. Also great in queso dips, and more complex dishes like Shrimp Scampi and Chimichurri Sauce.

Made from 100% red and green chiles grown and dried in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico, our flakes are all-natural and preservative free. Nothing but pure chile goodness here. Hatch, New Mexico is known as the chile capital of the world for good reason: the cool evening temps, long hot days, and fertile soil provide just the right terrior needed for that world-famous Hatch chile flavor. The freshest flakes around, each jar is packed with flakes from the season’s most recent harvest.

Convenient and versatile, discover what a few pinches of either of these Chile spices can do to elevate your everyday meals like soups, stews, and pasta with that one-of a kind flavor of a Hatch chile all year long.