Wolf Walker Bundles


For the home & heart, cleansing & fresh. Ethically bundled by indigenous people in Taos NM from herbs grown and harvested in Taos.


To burn the sage stick:

  • Cut the thread at the top and spread the leaf.
  • Hold upside down and lite with a match. 
  • Blow out the flame and spread the smoke over the person or object that is to be purified.


About the bundles:

White sage (Salvia apiana) is harvested in California and has been used for the smudging ceremony for centuries by the native americans from this region. It has a sweeter smell than the desert or grey sage from the southwest and tends to burn easier.

Three Sisters smudge stick is a combination of the 3 most important smudging herbs...sage, cedar, & sweetgrass. It looks and smells wonderful!  Purification and blessings in one smoke.

Sage and Lavender smudge stick is made from Taos, NM desert sage and Oregon lavender